ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) Application Form

If you hold a passport from an ETA eligible country, you can use an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa to enter Australia. Please complete the form below to obtain your ETA.

We will advise you by email if your ETA application has been successful. The ETA is linked electronically to your passport number, so you will not need paper confirmation.

ETA Processing is instant and costs £20 per applicant. Each passport holder must have their own ETA. Please have the passport details for each traveller ready. [Read More]

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ETA Visa Information

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Please note: The ETA is a tourist visa, and as such, only grants entry to Australia for a maximum of three months per visit for 12 months from the date the ETA is granted.

A current Mastercard, Visa Credit or Debit card, American Express card or PayPal.
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